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Environmental Accounting means accounting for the irreplaceable value of the living earth, air, water, and energy which make up our wonderful world, and upon which all other value is established.

Pleiades Australia founder, Samuel Nelson, is a pioneer in the rapidly developing field of environmental accounting, with over 30 years experience working with government, corporate, and non-profit clients.  Samuel is a co-founder of the Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting and lectures on the subject for the Curtin University Sustainable Engineering Group.  

Pleiades is bringing together a team of like-minded specialist  professionals to assist organisations with accounting for their environmental assets and liabilities.  Join us to promote positive stories that will stand the test of time.


The Pleiades is the oldest recorded constellation, and a story shared by indigenous societies from Europe to Australia.  Some stories survive climate change.

our services

Open Source Environmental Data Management

Join the global community of environmental scientists and managers in using open source resources such as ODM2 to manage your environmental data.

Optimise ESG Reporting

Optimise ESG and compliance reporting into unified processes integrating multiple reporting programmes within operations, across silos, and over project development phases for better outcomes.

Internal Control For Environmental

Implement effective and flexible systems to account for rapidly evolving ESG indicators demanded by an increasing variety of your stakeholders.

Sustainability Accounting

Pleiades is a development partner for ClimateClever, an innovative EdTech start-up providing online climate action tools for schools and communities.

Resilient Stories  

Pleiades Perspectives, the publishing imprint of Pleiades, introduces our debut novel,

Ten Directions, sci-fi for a #survivablefuture.


Celebrate your climate  leadership by minting your own emissions currency and sharing it with the world.


“Sam is always a pleasure to deal with. His expertise, networks and passion flow through all his work.”

Jamie Alley

PhD, P.Eng, MIEAust, CPEng. 
Director and General Manager

Energy Made Clean